Zacuto – More than just killer products | JayRock 5

Well… If you can’t tell by the headline… This is gonna be one mass o’ Zacuto-love headed your way. :)

Starting with this:

It’s official.  I now have my own Zacuto hat.  :)   For those of you not familiar, Zacuto is a custom camera gear company, and have really helped push the HD-DSLR Video movement.  Some of their products have quickly become “must-owns” for wanting to shoot on an HDDSLR; the Z-Finder (which won the Photofocus Photo Product of the Year for 2009) & DSLR Gunstock Shooter Kits have helped to close the gaps created by shooting on this new medium.

The Reality of things…

While I currently don’t own either (yet!) our local DSLR rental shop, Digital Labrador, is kind enough to make them both available (as well as have a ton of killer rigs / lenses / gear you can snag!  Seriously… if you live in the KC area and are debating about purchasing a new lens… why not rent it and give it a test first.  Plus, in a pinch they can provide you with an assistant / second-shooter / advice too!  Shari Hartbauer in particular was a pleasure to work with as a second shooter on an event shoot for Backfire BBQ.)

If you read my post “Shooting with the Canon 5d Mark II + Gear Wish List + 2010” you’ll see Zacuto’s stuff is near the top of my purchase list.  Fortunately I’ve been able to do some preliminary testing with the 5d, as well as take time to research exactly what I’ll need for what I want to shoot… Zacuto’s gear = definite necessity.

The Digital Goods:

However… Aside from making gear… Zacuto also puts out regular webisodes: FilmFellas, Critics, Product Training Videos, and recently wrapped up a “shootout” comparison between HD-DSLR & 35mm, with some “EUREKA” moments… soon to come.  (However if you watch the most recent FilmFellas there may not be anymore of this series… ;) Either way, the existing ones still have excellent information)

They do also have regular giveaways, be sure to follow/fan them to keep updated…  Zacuto on Twitter | Zacuto Official Fan Page on Facebook

As for the second half of my headline – JayRock5.

JayRock 5 is the annual benefit concert (now in its fifth year… get it?  the 5? ) to help raise money for the JayDoc Free Clinic.  This clinic helps to provide health care to those in the KC area that cannot afford it or don’t have health insurance.  The concert is tonight, and I’m SUPER thrilled to be the “official” photographer.  The bands playing this year are Generationals, The Dead Girls, and Thieves.  It should be a really great show, AND for a great cause!

I’m also thrilled, as I found out that “MAMMOTH media” will be doing a wrap up video on the show.  They do some great work, and I really look forward to meeting them!  You should check out MAMMOTH’s 2010 Reel and Website as well as come out to the show tonight and show your support for KC!

- B out.

PS: I’ve started constructing my portfolio… so keep an eye open!  You’ll finally get to see all the craziness I’ve been up to!

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