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When the blog stops… the images roll…

When the blog stops... the images roll...

So I’ve definitely come to the conclusion that I don’t post NEARLY often enough.  That being said…  Here’s a bunch of stuff I’ve done / worked on over the last couple months. July: Tales of the Cocktail (with Lush Life Productions), Here are the short, “Preview” versions, edited amazingly by Britt King & Lush Life. [...]

Radiohead Bartending with Paul, Graphics and More.

Radiohead Bartending with Paul, Graphics and More.

Ok… so it’s a terribly deceptive headline… Just a quick update of what’s going on / on my plate right now… – Documented the 2nd Mark Lowrey presents a Tribute to Radiohead (you can find my older stuff from v1 on my YouTube Channel). Videos to come (teaser below) – On the Board for this [...]

Sam Billen – Concert Photography

There are some shows you shoot out of appreciation for the music…  others for a connection with the artist…  this show was a combination of the two.  Sam Billen and I have known each other since high school.  We both played in bands, and at times even shared the stage with one another.  I am [...]

Diverse – Concert Photography / Videography (Preview)

I’m busy editing a whole slew of video from the local jazz group Diverse. We’re putting together a video for them for their soon to launch Kickstarter project, and I’ve got a pretty tight deadline on it. However, I did also snag some killer footage from their recent tribute show to Common’s “Like Water for [...]

The Dead Girls – Concert Photography

If someone asked me why I love to shoot live music… my responses would be wide and varied, but would probably start with: I’m a lifelong musician, have played guitar since 6th grade, love the rock show, and love the energy of live music. But from a photography standpoint, I love it because it’s unpredictable, [...]

Steve Ewing (formerly of the Urge) – Concert Photography

Growing up in the 90′s, one of the artists I immediately fell in love with was “The Urge”.  If you’re not familiar, here’s the wikipedia page on The Urge.  Steve Ewing was the front man, and was known for his explosive energy and intense stage presence.  He’s also got some killer pipes.  This guy was [...]

Brandon Draper Group – Concert Videography

Brandon Draper Group - Concert Videography

Combining low-lighting, an intense blue wash on stage, attempting to combine footage from two VERY different cameras, and an intimate atmosphere made this shoot quite the challenge.  It’s one thing when you’re in the pit with tons of fans, elbowing your way through from one side to another to get the shot.  It’s another when [...]

Galactic – Concert Photography

Galactic - Concert Photography

Still hyped from the recent win by the Saints at Super Bowl XLIV, New Orleans based “Galactic” brought all the energy of NOLA to Lawrence, KS.  “Who Dat!” and “New Orleans!” were the phrases of the evening, and guest trombonist Corey Henry made sure of that.  Galactic is currently on tour supporting their latest album, [...]